[dt_sc_h2_title title=”NailBully Master Class”]
NailBully Master Class Flyer
[dt_sc_h2_title title=”When: Sunday October 8, 2017″]
[dt_sc_h2_title title=”Where:Nailbully Nail Bar
1420 S Federal Hwy
Dania Fl, 33004″]

[dt_sc_h2_title title=”Cost:500.00″]


[dt_sc_gift_form_step1 step1_title=”What Can You Expect From The Class?” /]
[dt_sc_h3_title title=”During this 1 day, fun filled Hands On Workshop you will learn 20 year crafted techniques and product knowledge that will advance your skills and income level quickly. I will be showing you proper usage of e-file, stone placement, and increasing speed while keeping quality. There will also be a live demonstration of proper nail application. Also there will be tips on growing book your business, building rapport with clients, and money management. “]
[dt_sc_h2_title title=”What To Bring?”]
[dt_sc_h2_title title=”You will need to bring your brushes, tools and e-file if possible.”]
[dt_sc_h2_title title=”Reserve Your Spot”]
[dt_sc_h2_title title=”You can reserve your spot below by choosing one of the links below to pay deposit, pay balance of the deposit, or pay full cost”]
[dt_sc_h2_title title=”Please be aware this class is non-refundable. If NailBully cancels for any reason you will receive a refund in the amount you have paid.

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